Danger of Tights Against Health

Some people wear tight pants for reasons of appearance and comfort. In fact, the use of tight pants that are not right can endanger health, for example increasing the risk of back pain, fungal infections in the vagina, and decreased sperm production. The dangers of tights referred to here are not only tights used for sports, but also underwear, and tight trousers that are used for carrying out daily activities, such as skinny jeans. Beware of the Dangers of Tights According to the study, the dangers of tight pants that can inhibit blood flow to the muscles in the limbs, causing muscle swelling and nerve compression. Not only that, there are several other dangers of tight pants that may also occur, namely: Causes back pain Avoid using tight pants if you are experiencing back pain, because using tight pants can worsen this condition. In addition, tight pants can hinder daily activities because it makes you difficult to move, such as bending, walking, or sitting. Triggering a
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